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  • Topic Videos

  • Online Note Taking Popup App

  • Embedded and Printable Flashcards

  • Interactive Lesson Presentations

  • Dynamically Generated Random Question Quizzes

  • Topic Quizzes

  • Detailed Quiz Answer Feedback

  • In Depth Quiz Performance Analytics

  • Progress Tracking

  • OCR, AQA, EdExcel, Eduqas


Welcome to ‘Revise Computer Science’, your complete GCSE Computer Science learning package for your Computer Science GCSE. An invaluable resource for any student studying the OCR, AQA, EdExcel or Eduqas Computer Science GCSE courses.

This GCSE Computer Science course companion / revision site is a sister site of the highly popular, which provides teaching resources for teachers of Computer Science, worldwide…so you can be certain of the quality!

Click the images below to learn about the 3 zones, which make up this website!

STUDENTS: What's on offer and how does it work?

If you are an individual student, to begin using the site, you simply need to sign up for a course. Visit the shop now to get signed up!!

LITE courses are free and offer access to the LEARNING ZONE, providing limited learning resources (lesson videos and notes pages).

However, PREMIUM courses open up the whole site, providing more help and support for your learning journey through the LEARNING, QUIZ and ANALYTICS ZONES!

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TEACHERS: What's on offer and how does it work?

If you are a teacher looking to set your class up with everything they need to achieve success in their Computer Science GCSE, then you have come to the right place! Revise Computer Science gives you the ability to set up a group, providing your students with access to the website and provides you with tools to track their progress and analyse their performance.

If you sign up your class to one of the LITE courses, students will be given access to the LEARNING ZONE, with limited, yet extremely helpful resources (video lessons and notes pages) and you will be able to track their progress through the course pages.

However, if you sign up your class to a PREMIUM course, not only will you and your students will have access to the LEARNING, QUIZ and ANALYTICS zones, you will also have access to in depth student and class performance analytics!

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Pricing and Features



  • Video Lessons
  • Blank Cornell Notes
  • Summary Quizzes
  • Points & Badges
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Printable Revision Notes
  • Embedded Flashcards
  • Printable Flashcards
  • Multiple Choice Quizzes
  • Course Progress Tracking
  • Quiz Analysis
  • Class Activity Monitoring
  • Class Progress Tracking
  • Class Quiz Analysis



  • Video Lessons YES
  • Blank Cornell Notes YES
  • Summary Quizzes YES
  • Points & Badges YES



  • Video Lessons YES
  • Blank Cornell Notes YES
  • Summary Quizzes YES
  • Points & Badges YES
  • Interactive Presentations YES
  • Printable Revision Notes YES
  • Embedded Flashcards YES
  • Printable Flashcards YES
  • Multiple Choice Quizzes YES
  • Course Progress Tracking YES
  • Quiz Analysis YES


FREE (Lite) / £5 per student (Premium) - discounts apply

  • Video Lessons LITE/PREMIUM
  • Blank Cornell Notes LITE/PREMIUM
  • Summary Quizzes LITE/PREMIUM
  • Points & Badges LITE/PREMIUM
  • Interactive Presentations PREMIUM
  • Printable Revision Notes PREMIUM
  • Embedded Flashcards PREMIUM
  • Printable Flashcards PREMIUM
  • Multiple Choice Quizzes PREMIUM
  • Course Progress Tracking LITE / PREMIUM
  • Quiz Analysis PREMIUM
  • Class Activity Monitoring PREMIUM
  • Class Progress Tracking PREMIUM
  • Class Quiz Analysis PREMIUM

What Our Wonderful Customers Say



Mr Smedley

Bedford High School

My students are using it and love it. Sam who runs the site is very supportive and will adapt and listen to suggestions! Online note making facility, flash cards and self marking quizzes with instant feedback!


Oliver Ferrier


“Amazing, amazing, amazing! Literally saved me from worrying about the exams! Would definitely recommend for all abilities, even if you are aiming for a grade nine at GCSE. I hope there will be an A level version in the near future!”


Mrs Sawbridge

Caroline Chisholm School

Cannot praise Revise Computer Science enough. Invaluable resource for my students. Love the format and the interactive quizzes. Students really enjoy working through the topics and it’s suitable for all levels. Great resource at a great price.




Revise Computer Science was an absolute asset to my exam preparation due to all of it’s effective features such as video lessons, flashcards and quick quizzes to test your knowledge. Such a well composed and easy to follow website. Completely brilliant.


Luke Castle


“A massive thank you for your website! I subscribed before my exams and printed every sheet I could and revised from my massive folder of trees . Thank you!! Computer science has always been a favourite subject and I want to teach it when I’m older because since using your site my grades went from a 4 to an 8!”


Mr Jones

Bristol Grammar School

“Sam has created some fantastic resources that save our department a lot of time. Our students are finding the revision site very useful in the run up to their exams. The quick quizzes are great and the flashcards are proving to be extremely valuable.”


Liz Goddard

Casterton College Rutland

“The resources are easy to follow and really help students get to grips with a topic. Sam who runs the site is really helpful and responds quickly.”

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