How to Add Students to your Groups

Once you have purchased a number of seats, you will see these seats in your group management page. Each unused seat will have its own ‘enrollment key’.

To access these keys, click the ‘Download Keys’ button in the ‘Enrolled Users’ section the ‘Group Management’ page.

This will provide you with a list of all available keys.

Adding Students 13 RCS
Adding Students 14 RCS

Hand a key out to each of your students.

Now it is over to them to create the accounts!

Ask them to visit and click on ‘Student Dashboard’ in the top menu bar, followed by ‘Sign Up With Teacher’s Key’ (see below).





Your students will be given a form to fill out where they must provide their name, email address, password and their enrolment key.

Adding Students 16 RCS
Adding Students 11 RCS

Once submitted, their account will be created and they will be able to access the purchased course and therefore the learning resources.

As the students create their accounts, the accounts will become visible on the ‘Group Management’ page.

Adding Students 19 RCS

Student previously bought their own subscription and now I want them to join my group…is this possible?

Yes, this is indeed very possible.

But it will require an ‘enrolment key’.

As they have already paid for their subscription I will happily manually add a seat on a case by case basis – just send me an email and explain who the student is and I will look to add a seat into your group.

So, this process is very simple indeed. Students need to log in and go to the ‘Student Dashboard’ and then click on ‘Join Group’.

On the page that loads, they need to enter the ‘enrolment key’ that you have provided them with and after submitting the key, their account will be attached to your group.

Adding Student with old account 2 RCS
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