The 'Group Management' page enables users with 'teacher accounts' to manage the groups that they lead.  On this page, they can select their group and carry out a number of different jobs.

group management

Teachers can 'Add Courses' to their group, so that their students can access multiple courses. For example, a teacher may have signed up their students to a 'Lite Course', but later decide that they should also have access to a 'Premium Course' so that they can benefit from the extra notes, flashcards and assessments.

Teachers can also add new seats to their groups. For example, mid way through a year, a new student may join a school and therefore a class - this facility will enable the teacher to allow the new student to join the group.

So that students can enrol / register into a group, available (unused)  enrolment keys can be found from the 'user' drop down.

The 'Group Management' page can also provide quick links to course progress and quiz reports for the group.

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