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What does ‘Revise Computer Science’ have to offer?


For Students…


Each GCSE course contains ‘REVISION ZONES’ for each aspect of the exam board’s specification. Each ‘Revision Zone’ contains 3 ‘Revision Steps’.
The first is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need via videos, interactive presentations and notes.
The second step provides you with flashcards to reinforce your understanding.
The final step is an online, automatically marked assessment with detailed feedback for each of your answers, whether you answered them right or wrong.



For Teachers…



Purchase seats for your group
Add your students to your seats
Track their progress through the revision zones
Analyse their quiz results using the various quiz reporting tools



Video Lesson
Interactive Lesson Presentations
Printable Notes Pages
Over 500 Embedded and Printable Flashcards
Over 400 Self Marking MCQ, with detailed feedback whether right or wrong


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