The learning zone is home to the learning resources.

Through video lessons, presentations, online note taking facility, printable notes pages, embedded flashcards, printable flashcards and topic quizzes, you will have everything you need to learn all aspects of the Computer Science GCSE.

All of these resources are organised in line with the exam board specification, and presented in RCS' stylish and easy to navigate online course environment.

On the left, there is a retractable menu, giving quick access to the various topics and on the right, the learning materials are presented to you. There is even a pop up online note taking app, allowing you to make notes as you study each topic. These notes can be printed or exported to Word for further development.


Video Lessons

Video lessons are provided for each topic area. When studying / revising, make use of the various note taking facilities and summarise your understanding as you watch each lesson.


Lessons Presentations

The presentations that feature in the video lessons are also provided as separate embedded slide shows allowing you to quickly recap / review aspects of the lessons at any time or place.


Online Note Taking Facility

Each course page offers a popup, online note taking app, allowing you to make notes digitally. You can save your notes on each page so that you can come back to them at a later date for further work. You can also print them directly from the app or export them to Word for further development.


Printable Notes

Each topic also offers printable notes pages, so that you can make hand written notes as you work through the slides of the lesson presentations.


Embedded Flashcards

In each topic you will find embedded flashcards which animate, providing questions on the one side and answers on the other. This facility will allow you to test your knowledge whenever, wherever!


Printable Flashcards

In each topic you will also find downloadable, printable flashcards. They have been carefully designed so that they can be printed double-sided, allowing the questions and answers to match up on each side. These are great to have printed and stacked up, in various rooms of your house so that your family can quiz you here and there.


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