Please follow and complete the 4 STEPS below:


STEP 1: Download and populate the ‘user import’ file with your users.

User Group Template


STEP 2: Calculate the price for your user group.
06 Month Membership (£3/student)
Number of Students:  Price to pay: £

12 Months Membership (£5/student)
Number of Students:  Price to pay: £

24 Months Membership (£7/student)
Number of Students:  Price to pay: £


STEP 3: Either enter your calculated price and submit card payment below OR if you wish to pay via BACS payment, please complete the BACS payment form underneath, instead.

Payment option 1: Card Payment Form

Credit Cards



Payment option 2: BACS Payment Form


STEP 4: Send me your completed ‘User Group’ file (from step 1)

Please remember to attach the completed ‘user import’ file and please state in your email the name of the school and an approximate time of payment (or invoice request) so that I can match the payment with the user file.

Consent Obtained - Please Tick
By ticking the above checkbox, I hereby state that the owners of each email address contained in the csv file attached, have given consent that their full name and email addresses are to be used for the creation of their 'Revise Computer Science' account. I (the teacher) take full responsibility that consent has been obtained from each student included in the csv file. This data will not be passed to any third party, nor will it be used by the company for marketing purposes. It will be used for the creation of the account and in the event of any licence agreement breach, the information will be used to identify those involved.