The Quiz Zone

Dynamically Generated Random Question Quizzes

The quiz zone offers quizzes of 10, 20 or 30 questions, picked at random from the ever growing RCS question bank. Each time you open one of these quizzes, you will be presented with a completely different set of questions. No two quizzes will be the same! This is great if you want to test your knowledge and understanding across the entire range of GCSE topics. The great thing is that whether you get an answer right or wrong, you will always be presented with feedback, explaining what the correct answer is and why. Furthermore, after completing these quizzes your score will be broken down into individual topic areas, showing you topics of strength and topics where more work is required.


Topic Quizzes

The quiz zone also offers a range of topic quizzes. Say you have been working hard on understanding a particular topic, here you can find a relevant quiz to test your knowledge and understanding, with only relevant questions!  Like all quizzes on Revise Computer Science, feedback is provided after each answer is given, explaining what the correct answer is and why, regardless of whether you got the answer correct or not. The quizzes are therefore a great learning tool, after all, we all learn from our mistakes!


Detailed feedback after every question, whether answered right or wrong!

These quizzes are not really there for you to simply pass or fail (and then forget about), instead their aim is to help you learn! Taking quizzes is a learning experience and something that should be carried out regularly and repeated again and again. The great thing about these quizzes is that because you are given the feedback immediately after every answer you submit, your knowledge and understanding is either reinforced (if you get the answer right) or misconceptions are immediately corrected (if you answer incorrectly), in real time.

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