Creating a 'Teacher Account' and 'Setting Up a Group' is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Already have a teacher account and wish to create another group/class? Please ensure that you are ‘logged in’ before completing the following steps. After completing the transaction, your new group will be added to your group management page.


The Group Setup / Course Selection Page

  1. Enter a name for your group
  2. Enter the number of seats you need (including 1 for yourself)
  3. Choose the course(s) you want your group members to access

The Checkout Page

  1. Enter a username, password and email address for the creation of the teacher account
  2. If you have a PO, enter it in the appropriate field so it appears on your invoice
  3. Enter payment information and confirm order.

Teacher Dashboard > Group Management Page

  1. Select your group from the group selector drop down menu
  2. Click on the ''Download Enrolment Keys' button to download a spreadsheet of available keys
  3. Issue keys to your students
  4. They can then visit the 'Student Dashboard' page, select 'Sign Up With Enrolment Key' and create an account
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